Little Harpeth Brewing Craft Beers

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LHB Chicken Scratch
LHB Chicken Scratch American Pilsner

A crisp and refreshing traditional American Pilsner made from malted barley, locally grown corn and America's only native hop variety. The beer has a slight residual sweetness from the corn and a floral/herbal hop aroma. Chicken Scratch is light on the palate and flavorful.

LHB Stax
LHB Up Stream San Francisco Lager

Upstream is an amber-colored beer that derives its flavor from American base and color malts and its flavor is offset by the use of Northern Brewer hops. In the tradition of San Francisco lagers, the hops lend a resinous woody character that adds to a clean hoppy finish.

LHB High Water
LHB High Water

High Water Dunkel has the malt complexity and depth of flavors inspired by the traditional brown beers of Munich, Germany. Nobel hops balance the malt character with a spicy bitterness and aroma.

LHB Stax
LHB Stax Black Lager

Stax is light in every way but its color. The blended beer gets its roasty flavor from dark roast malts and its bready backbone from light-colored American base malts. Low hopping and two separate special ferments blend together to make a refreshing black beer that finishes clean and makes you want more.

LHB Double Paddle
LHB Double Paddle Doppelbock

Brewed in the tradition of the Franciscan monks of St. Paula in Munich, this high gravity beer has broad shoulders. It is made with extra American base malt and traditional German hops. The rich clean malt flavor belies the 10% alcohol level. Luscious, easy drinking and very well balanced.