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4/28 Under Our Controllers Live Lo-Fi Hip-Hop and EDM Music

4/28 Under Our Controllers Live Lo-Fi Hip-Hop and EDM Music

Controller Room, the newest and strangest crew to Nashville, presents some of the best lo-fi hip-hop and EDM from across Tennessee represented in 5 talented acts: bloopr, Namir Blade, LVNKY, Maniia, and ME.

bloopr: Born in the Temple of Doom, young Tyler Gauthier, aka bloopr, fought his way through booby traps and all sorts of nefarious villains using his trusty loop pad that he played the music of the gods: lo-fi.

Namir Blade: With lyricism sharper than a samurai blade, Namir Blade has cut through swaths of wannabees and pretenders to emerge as one of the original voices and producers of the last century.

LVNKY: Esaů Crůż, known as the favorite DJ of John Travolta, Eminem, and the Queen of England, or just LVNKY, brings you a world of bass. Originally introduced to the area through the former MPD family, he now represents Controller Room in their quest for galactic domination.

Maniia: Montez Dion Ellison, the most maniacal, and diabolical, DJ of the past twenty years, bringing an energetic and potentially infectious mix of genres and surprises for your listening attention under his mad alias Maniia. (EDM)

ME: One half of the founding duo for Controller Room, this elusive person, known just as ME, is rumoured to be born in a volcano in southeast Asia and trained with the Wu-Tang Clan. Nothing to F with. (EDM)

Also featuring the styles of Fits by Frances, the pop-up branding and vintage store from Memphis artist and poet Francis the Truman, this is the night and experience you didn't know you were waiting for or needed.