Little Harpeth Brewing

Hey there, glad you could join us. However, you must be 21 years old to enter this here page.

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Booking Shows

Booking Little Harpeth Brewing


So you're wanting to play our stage, great! Here are some things you'll want to know before contacting our booking manager for Little Harpeth Brewing.

We get many inquiries every day, so don't get miffed that we haven't gotten back to you. The normal wait time is 2-10 business days to get a response about your inquiry.

Here's a simple guide of Do's & Don't you should follow before contacting us.


  • Send date wanted with alternate dates
  • Send links to social media and your EPK
  • Assess your bands following, remember this room is 600 capacity.


  • Ask for lower ticket prices.
  • Wait to get digital flyer to us if booked
  • Ask for a larger guest list if  booked
  • Hesitate to follow up on our conversation via email
  • Contact booking via social media or phone unless asked

So you've been booked, what you need to do now.

  • Get us the digital flyer in these dimensions: 2160x1080 300dpi JPEG ONLY
  • Sign contract and return ASAP
  • Start promoting
  • Send us or drop off flyers for our venue

We do not do $5 shows. In order for you to meet the production cost it is near impossible to do so on a $5 door.

If you're insistent upon doing your show for $5 then you'll be required to pay up front for production.

Our normal pricing for advance tickets ranges from $7-10 for local bands and a door cover of $10-15.

Still have questions? Contact